Nature créativité

Art & Nature


Our all-inclusive Art and nature stays 

Skilled or budding artists, we gathered for you many activities allowing you to express yourself freely. Longing for nature and "home-made" products? We offer you also stays to discover the secrets of the mountain wild plants.

Roving cooking

Or how put the nature in your plate

A unique opportunity to make original preparations based on seasonal products. A new approach that integrates wild and edible plants, with tips and nutritional advice for an eco-friendly cuisine combining pleasure and creativity.

Medicinal plants

Or how look after itself naturally

Millepertuis, arnica, plantain… Could you recognize these plants and quote their virtues? After week to collect them to make herb teas, balms and oil, you will not look any more at high mountain pastures in the same way.

Stage photo & rando

New approach of the nature by the photo...
You wish that your photographic memories of holidays are not any more left at random? This stay is made for you! He allows a new approach of your camera, but also the nature under all his forms.


Return to theground

In a friendly workshop, try the advanced techniques varied from the ceramic, the most primitive in the most recent (shooting, casting, reel ...) And have fun with the almost infinite possibilities of decoration.


Take all the nuances of Aravis

Go off to explore the mountain, put your easel in front of a beautiful landscape and let you inspire! In this green setting, relaxation, observation, learning and good mood go hand in hand.

Sharpen your pencils, prepare your brushes and set off to discover the mountain. You put your easel face the grandiose landscapes of the Aravis and benefit from the advice of a professional. No prior level is required, whether you are a neophyte or a confirmed amateur.