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Séjours Eté

Stage photo & rando

New approach of the nature by the photo...

à partir de 583.00 € / pers

524.70 €

You wish that your photographic memories of holidays are not any more left at random? This stay is made for you! He allows a new approach of your camera, but also the nature under all his forms. The hikes are integrated so that you took time to discover the mountain while realizing images with advice which allow to improve your technique and the quality of your photos.

From18 years

for all
Included in the price :
Full board
Shuttle bus
Supervision guides
Evening entertainment
Leisure pass Aravis
Programme :


  • Learning of different techniques (animal photography, framing, variation of luminosity, macro mode and photography in motion) and different themes (heritage, fauna, flora, sunset, Mont-Blanc, etc ...)
  • 5 framed walks and slideshow.
  • Wednesday morning free.
  • 1 discovery rally

Supervision: Jérôme Ballet, mountain guide and photographer




Morning: Welcome and lunch at the Inn.
Afternoon: Hiking or rally discovery of the valley.
Evening: Presentation of the stay followed by a welcome aperitif.


Morning: Presentation of your stay, photo material in general.  Going out near the inn for a first photographic approach
Afternoon: Hike on the theme "heritage".


Day: Theme "Meeting with alpine fauna"
Hiking meets the bouquet and can be other animals. The wild fauna, although present, is not always visible, it will be necessary to open the eye and to remain attentive in this natural environment.
An opportunity to approach animal photography with the different approaches and animals that it is possible to encounter in the mountains. In the field, it will be an alliance of image and photography.
In the late afternoon, return to the Nordic Inn on your shots for a small debriefing.


Morning: Free morning. Possibility to participate in a fun session or to visit the market in Reblochon du Grand Bornand.
Afternoon: Theme "sunset"
Through this exit you take the height while following the movements of the sun, its brightness until sunset where the shadows and colors take all your intensity.


Day: Theme "macro and movement"
A day that tackles two themes with the macro for the discovery of the small and the details of nature in order to put our eye closer to nature. The second theme is moving your pictures and insert a person into your frame.
Evening: Slide show in the afternoon at the Nordic hostel proposed by your guide.


Day: Thematic «Mont Blanc and mountain scenery»
A day hike with the Mont Blanc massif at the end of the canvas that resists your photos to find combinations, framing, compositions.


Morning: Free morning, end of the stay after lunch.


Important: The program is given as an indication only.