Relaxation & Wellness


Our all-inclusive Relaxation & Wellness stays

Revitalize yourself, forget stress ! All our relaxation stays mix hiking with a choice of wellness activities. Get back in shape gently and above of all, take care of yourself! 

Reflexology & Hiking

Take care of yourself
Plantar reflexology helps your body regain its balance and self-healing capabilities. We offer 10 hours of learning the basics of foot reflexology, easy to put into practice in your daily life, for you and your loved ones.


The tonic relaxation!
The practice of the qi gong is a work on the energy with a particular attention to the breath, to free its body of the tensions and the daily stress and taste the well-being and the relaxation.


Rethink his daily movements
During these soft and varied sessions, often on the ground, you will find little by little your natural flexibility by releasing you from tensions accumulated over the years and from the stress of the contemporary life.

Yoga & energy

Learn to live better here and now
The objective of the yoga energy is to rebalance the various aspects of our everyday life. The purpose of the sessions is to live fully the exercises and the postures, to welcome your sensations and to develop your acuteness to reconcile you with your body and its limits …

Tai Ji Quan

For a harmony body spirit.
Technique of control of the body and the spirit, it is a school of soft will, a Lifestyle, that applies in the daily life. Based on slow and undulatory movements, the t'ai chi allies flexibility, balance, anchoring with the Breath (Qi).

Offer yourselves a revitalisante break in the heart of Aravis by allying hike and sessions well-being. You like the hike in the middle of nowhere, to discover exceptional landscapes and wish to relax also after the effort, this stay is made for you! On the return to your hikes, relax in the sauna...