Bus Le Grand-Bornand / Annecy all year round.

Shuttles serve the different hamlets and residences of the resort to take you to the center or to the foot of the ski slopes.

Summer timetable 2018:

Transport 2018

(Please note that we receive the timetables of cars and shuttles later.) In order to facilitate the organization of your stay, we voluntarily leave the card of the previous year as an indication, as the changes are not major ones of a year on other. Thank you for your understanding.)


Benefits of Carpooling!
- Convenient
- Convivial
- Economic
- Good for the environment! The personal vehicle is one of the main causes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. By carpooling you reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and you participate in the protection of our environment.

To get to the Auberge Nordique by saving money and preserving our environment, go to

And if you use a single car to make a trip to several!