Stage ski de fond Savoie Mont Blanc

Cross-country skiing


Cross-country skiing

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Discover the cross-country skiing to your rhythm. According to the time, motivation and level of each, your instructor alternates technical acquisition of basic steps, gone hiking on tracks and strolls in the discovery of the mountain environment. And, why not to vary the pleasures with a stroll in racket to disorient you?

For discover even more the cross-country skiing and progress in all the techniques. For skiers introduced and confirmed in search of pleasure... Discovered sites of Aravis, pleasant alternation of technical sessions, by quiet strolls on tracks and except tracks and of sports routes. Young or less young, each finds the place in a group of homogeneous level.

Cross-country skiing escape

Lovers of freedom and nature put your skis!
To dash on the areas of blank snow. With your monitor, after some sessions of put in leg, you leave for day to the discovery of the sites of Aravis on fitted out tracks and path off tracks.

Cross-country skiing in large space

Outside tracks on life-size sites
A life-size adventure, leave two days living the atmosphere of an overnight stay in chalet refuge and getting ready so for a bigger nordic raid ... From Monday, the exits in the day allow you to acquire of the autonomy in Scandinavian hike and to satisfy your desire for escape by making your own tracks on a blank snow.